Microsoft Video Advertisements Are Now Broadly Readily Available

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Video ads on the Microsoft Audience Network are now broadly offered to enhance existing search and image advertising campaigns.

Microsoft piloted video ads in September 2021 in select nations.

Over a year later on, video ads are readily available to all Microsoft marketers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

Video advertisements are served across the Microsoft Marketing Network in the nations discussed above.

Microsoft video ads are targeted using intent data from Bing search, the Microsoft Edge Web Browser, LinkedIn, and users’ web activity.

In screening, Microsoft states including video to search projects increased conversions by 50% compared to running a search project only.

Screenshot from:, November 2022. Here’s more about video advertisements on the Microsoft Audience Network

. Microsoft Video Advertisement Specifications Microsoft video ads can range

from six seconds to two minutes, though

the company advises that videos much shorter than 30 seconds drive one of the most engagement. The video aspect ratio can vary from 16:9( widescreen)to 9:16(vertical ).

Microsoft offers the following bidding choices for video ads: Enhance for impressions: Bid per 1000 viewable impressions. An impression is counted when an audience

  • watches two seconds of constant play. Optimize for views: Quote on a single video view. A view is counted when an individual watches a minimum of 15 seconds of
  • video or clicks on the advertisement. Enhance for clicks: Quote per click on the video. A click is counted when the viewer lands on your site.
  • How To Produce A Microsoft Video Campaign Produce a Microsoft video ad campaign by following the actions below: From

the collapsible menu left wing, choose Projects. Select Develop project. Choose among the video-oriented goals. Get in the Project name

  • and the Daily budget plan, and after that select Save & go to the next
  • action. Enter an Advertisement group name
  • and pick your designated audience targeting
  • . Select Save & go to the next step. Include your video. Select Save & go to the next step.
  • Pick your Budget plan & bids settings. Select Save. After submitting your video
  • , Microsoft Marketing will automatically create several videos
  • for each element ratio (16:9, 5:4, 1:1,
  • 4:5, and 9:16 ). Additionally, you can upload
  • your own videos in each readily available element ratio. For more information, see Microsoft’s help page. Source: Microsoft Included Image: Grand Warszawski/Best SMM Panel